Steven S. Clark: Compassionate Steward of the Earth

Hi everyone. Greg Newman here, a contributor to the Marine West Ecology blog. It is with great sadness and the deepest love, that I announce the passing of Steve Clark, creator of this blog. Steve made his transition suddenly and unexpectedly on January 12, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.


Steve with his beloved cat, Tico.

I first met Steve in 1979. We were members of the same fraternity at DePauw university and shared a love for music, sports and adventure. We hiked to hidden caves and explored the woods of southern Indiana. We paddled the Peace River in Florida. We did all the crazy stuff that forges a friendship that lasts forever.

Steve earned his B.A. in Zoology at DePauw, and his M.S. in Environmental Science from Washington State University. His diverse professional work as a biologist included rare and sensitive species assessments, biophysical inventories and assessments, terrestrial and aquatic ecological risk assessments, and mitigation of adverse environmental effects. His work took him throughout British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and the United States.

A little over a year ago, Steve created Marine West Ecology, which represented his calling, his most salient expression of himself, and the culmination of his contribution to our planet during his lifetime. Steve had an extraordinary love for all things natural. When it came to biology and living systems, he had the curiosity of a young boy, the wisdom of an elder, and a brilliant scientific mind. On top of that, he was great writer. Steve was committed to deepening our understanding of the important challenges facing life on earth, and to enhancing our appreciation of life itself. My friend, you have done this all.

In his generous spirit, Steve invited me to be a guest contributor to his blog. Through our playful collaboration, his unwavering support and his deep appreciation of my posts, my creativity, my writing and my purpose was rekindled. I thank you Steve with all my heart.

On behalf of Steve, thank you for being a reader of this blog and/or a follower on Twitter. Thank you for sharing Steve’s love and concern for our planet. Thank you for everything.

Steve will be remembered as a creative and sensitive spirit, deep thinker, curious explorer, and truth seeker. He considered all scaled, feathered, and furred creatures his brethren. His sacred space was all that nature presented, both majestic and humble.

Stevo, my dear friend, my brother. Your love blesses all of life on earth, and your dream for a better world lives in us all.

Special thanks to Kendall, Steve’s younger sister, for collaborating on this piece and for posting it. This will be the final post for Marine West Ecology. Thank you all again for making this possible.


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